After some great wins over the summer, we at LeasePass realized that we needed to make some changes.  So we are.  We are hard at work making LeasePass easier to use, expanding into the condo/co-op market, and expanding the features.

Thanks for sticking with us this far!


Digital co-op and condo board packages with RealPass

board package pic.jpg

Completing condo/co-op board packages is a difficult, outdated process.  With RealPass, you can manage the whole thing online.  Safe and Secure.  No more heading into the office to wade through stacks of paper.  Never let your deal fall through.

The simple way to manage renters paperwork with LeasePass


Getting your clients paperwork has never been easier with LeasePass.  Never wonder if a potential renter is organized and qualified.  With LeasePass, the paperwork is taken care, so brokers can focus on finding their clients apartments.

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